Frequently Asked Questions

A: Our ingredients are intended to produce 360ml or 12oz of smoothie per cup after blending.
A: Our smoothies should be put in the freezer as soon as possible after delivery. We suggest moving a smoothie from the freezer to the refrigerator 4-6 hours before consumption (or the night before if you consume it in the morning)
A: We have a business arrangement with a nutritionist in the United States. We come up with the general menu goals and then a nutritionist custom designs our actual products. We are constantly looking at many sources of inspiration to evolve our menu.
A: Delivery will be made on the day of your order and will include your entire order. You can select and change the delivery time. For example, if you order a 7-Day plan, we will deliver you 7 Days of smoothies at one time.
A: The smoothies are intended to be frozen after delivery. We do not suggest keeping them in a refrigerator. You can move a smoothie from the freezer to the refrigerator 4-8 hours before consuming the smoothie. While this is not necessary, it may help the smoothie blend better depending on the quality of your blender.
A: You can purchase from us or provide your own ingredient to blend based on your health goals. Options include water, nut milk or whole milk
A: No. Inside the cup is whole ingredients ready for blending. You must blend them yourself.
A: Remove the lid and the plastic seal. Add a liquid ingredient of our choice (milk, not milk) to fill the cup with the ingredients still inside. Empty the cup into the blender. Blend. Pour blended meal back into the cup.
A: You can view the ingredients for each smoothie by viewing your order history on our website. Our smoothies contain fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and spices to maximize flavor. No artificial anything is added - they are all natural. They are designed to give you the daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables.
A: Our philosophy is that many health issues that people face can be managed through healthy eating and that companies are profiting from making us unhealthy. We see advertisements every day that want us to eat food that makes us feel bad - and often we don't know how to eat better or better food is not easily accessible. The key ideas that we believe in are that 1) five (5) servings of fruits and vegetables every day will improve our health, 2) that the typical person over-eats and consumes more calories a day then they burn and we can slowly reduce our food intake then we can achieve a normal weight 3) that replacing one "meat" and "dairy" meal a day with a plant based approach is an easy way any person can start being healthier 4) That fasting and detox are a normal/required part of how humans have evolved and can jump start health and 5) mind-body exercise including yoga and meditation is a fundamental part of reducing stress and having a healthy body. We don't promote weight loss - we promote feeling better, stronger and more energy. 
A: We buy the freshest ingredients from markets around Saigon. We source from several markets based on quality and price. Our ingredients are always fresh and never frozen.
A: Bloomchew is a food and drink company based out of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We focus on providing meal replacement options for our health conscious customers.
A: The term "meal replacement" generally refers to a calorie-controlled food product that replaces a regular meal. Meal-replacement products usually provide 200 to 250 calories per serving, contain more than 20 vitamins and minerals at "good" or "excellent source" levels and often bear nutrient content claims, such as percent fat free and reduced sugar.
A: Studies have shown that people that live the longest ate a 90+ percent plant-based diet throughout the course of their lives. They never went on diets or cut out food groups, they simply ate what was available and in season, which was most often greens, beans, and whole grains. Today, we have every food imaginable available at our fingertips, whether in season or not. We also consume high quantities of meat and dairy products that would not have been available to many people from the longest-lived places in the world. If we change one dairy or meat based meal a day to a plant based meal, we can be healthier and make a positive climate impact. More information about One Meal A Day can be found here: https://omdfortheplanet.com/
A: District 1, District 2, Phu Nhuan, Binh Thanh, District 4, District 7.
A: No, there is no charge for delivery. It is "free".
A: At this time, we don't. We are considering this option and likely will in the future.
A: Our smoothie program is a 7-Day pre-blended at home smoothie solution. It can be used to supplement your existing diet or act as a meal replacement solution based on your dietary goals. Our smoothie program is designed to give you the daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables
A: We are working on publishing this information to our website.
A: Yes, all of our food is plant based food. It is generally served as a raw food.
A: Yes, you can provide your allergy restrictions directly on our website by selecting from a list of possible ingredients. We will account for your restrictions when preparing your food.
A: When you sign up for our service, you voluntarily share certain information including your name, email address, phone number, food preferences, and any other information you give us. This information is used to prepare and deliver your food. If you connect your Facebook or Google accounts, we use only your email address to improve your sign-on experience. You have complete control over what information from those accounts is shared with us, but we never ask for more than your email address. We never sell or share your personal information. We don't post to your social media accounts on your behalf or gather information from your social media accounts about you or your contacts.
A: Social media logins are now a normal standard for logging into eCommerce websites. It greatly simplifies and expedites the ordering process - you don't need to create and remember a password. You don't have to worry about password resets and logging in is as simple as clicking a button. 
A: Virtually everyone has a Facebook or Google account based on industry studies and 80% of people prefer social logins. If you have another social login provider (Microsoft, Twitter, Instagram, etc), please contact us and we can quickly support that login provider. 
A: Your social login is just for logging in. After logging in, you can you create a new contact that is linked to any other email address you have. 
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